«ROCK & ROLL» MUSIC BAR! Yes, now and in our city is a place where your heart every day to play Rock and Roll!   «ROCK & ROLL» MUSIC BAR – this place where you can not only enjoy the delicious food and drink, spending time with old and new friends, but also elegant concert hall, on which daily live music, both Russian and foreign.   Jazz, blues, rock in all its forms, and of course good old rock ‘n’ roll!   And this fantastic rock concert on past, have a great opportunity to attend the sound – check, when musicians are set before the performance. Therefore, our activities take place in the format appartment where musicians can not only see on stage, but also freely communicate with them.   «ROCK & ROLL» MUSIC BAR – LIVE SOUND! Live chat! Lively atmosphere! Additional information, tables and order tickets by phone 25-75-75

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